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1018 Steel Balls
12 X 16 Kinematic Coupling / Platform
17-4 PH Balls
2" By 2" Mounting Block
2" Target Ball
3" Extensions for CMM Probe Characterization Sphere (Riser)
3 X 3 Kinematic Coupling / Platform
302 Stainless Steel Balls
316 Stainless Steel Balls
3 Ball Kinematic Mount
3D Ball Plate
3D Scanning Master Sphere Set
4" Gage Block
4" Universal Platform
420 Stainless Steel Balls
440 Stainless Steel Balls
440C Stainless Steel Balls
45 Degree Angle Block
45 Degree Probe Calibration Sphere, Replacement
4 Place Turret System
52100 C/S Balls
6" extensions for CMM Probe Characterization Sphere (riser)
6 X 6 Kinematic Coupling / Platform
7th Degree of Freedom, The
7th Degree of Freedom, Or It’s Just Another Way of Looking at Things.
The 8 inch Diameter Flat Lap.
A286, A Space Age Alloy
A.F.B.M.A. Ball Grades
Abalone, Vacuum Chuck / Hold Down
Abrasive-Charging Roller
Absolute Positioning Kinematically
Acetal / Delrin Balls
Acrylic Balls / Lucite Balls / Plexiglas®
Accurately Measuring the Ball Bar Center to Center Distance
Adaptor, 1/2 inch Counter Bored
Adaptor Screws
Address Spheres
Adjustable Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Kit
Adjustable Ball Bars (Dumbbells)
Adjustable Ball Bars for CMM Evaluation
Adjustable Kinematic Couplings
Aircraft Balls
Alignment of Machine Tool
Alignment of Machine Tool Axis
All Ball Bars (Dumbbells)
All Ball Bar Stand Mounting Hardware
All Ball Gages
All Characterization Spheres
All Kinematic Balls
All Kinematic Platforms
All Probe Characterization Spheres
All Vee Blocks
Aluminum Balls
Aluminum Balls; Common Ball Materials
Aluminum Balls; Alloy Selection
Aluminum Oxide - Ceramic Balls
Angle Block, 45 Degree
Archival Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Archival Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Is A Three Dimensional Gage Block
Area of a Sphere
Around The Corner
Articulating Arm Calibration Device
Articulating Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration
Articulating Arm Measuring Machine Calibration
Artifact Assembly Kit
Authenticators, Spindle
Axis Alignment for Machine Tools
Axis Alignment Sphere
B89.4.1-1997 Specifications, ANSI/ASME, Free Standing Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Kit Evaluates Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM)
Bakelite Plastic Balls (Phenol Formaldehyde)
Ball Bar, (Dumbbell), All
Ball Bar Calibration, Secrets of
Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Standard
Ball Bar, Adjustable
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Anchor
Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Archival
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Bending
Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Carbon Fiber
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Case Studies
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Clamp
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Collar
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Dual
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Invar
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Magic (Introduction)
Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Measuring the Ball Center to Center Distance
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Ranger
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Stand
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Thing
Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Thing, Summary and Prices
Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Ultra Precise
Ball Bar Kit
Ball Broaching
Ball Check Valves
Ball Coining
Ball Contact for Indicating Gage
Ball Diameter Calibration
Ball Diameter Errors
Ball, Diamond Charged
Ball Density
Ball with a Flat, Truncated
Ball Gage, Bent Stem
Ball Gage, Flat Handle
Ball Gage, Flexible
Ball Gage, Large
Ball Gage Technical Information Sheet
Ball Gage Tips
Ball Gages, Ball Plug Gages, Go-No Go Ball Gages
Ball Grade Chart
Ball Inventory
Ball Kits
Ball Lance, The
Ball Lap
Ball Lapping Tools
Ball Machine Operation Video
Ball Material Selection
Ball Metals, Materials
Ball Mounting for Kinematic Clamping
Ball Pencil
Ball Plate, 12 X 16
Ball Plate, 3 D
Ball Plug Gage
Ball Plug Gage with A Bent Stem
Ball Plug Gage with One Flat Side
Ball Plug Gage with Two Parallel Flats
Ball Poppet Valves
Ball Probe
Ball Probe Flaw Evaluation
Ball Quality Chart
Ball Screw Balls
Ball Seat Lapping
Ball and Seat Valves
Ball Scribe (Ball Pencil, Scratch Evaluation Ball)
Ball Scribe Flaw Evaluation
Ball Size Measuring Compatibility
Ball Sizing
Ball Sizing Oil
Ball Sizing, Report on
Ball Tip
Ball Tip for Indicating Gage
Ball Tolerance Chart
Ball, Threaded, Catalog Page
Ball, Truncated
Ball, Truncated with Counterbored Hole
Ball, Truncated with Threaded Hole
Ball Valve Balls
Ball Valve Lapping Tools
Ball Weight and Density
Ball with Blind Hole
Ball with Concentric Blind Hole
Ball with Counterbored Through Hole
Ball with Flat (Truncated Ball)
Ball with Flat Counterbored Hole
Ball with Flat and Threaded hole
Ball with Recessed Flat
Ballizing Oil
Balls for Ballizing
Balls are Too Hard, The
Balls for Ball Sizing
Balls Made by Weight
Balls on Stem, Inventory Available Now
Balls With Drilled Through Hole
Bal-tec Authenticator
Bal-tec Company Profile
Bal-tec Contact Information
Bal-tec Copyright Notice
Bal-tec in Los Angeles Business Journal
Bal-tec Photo Picture Gallery
Bal-tec Products Catalog
Bal-tec Products Directory
Bal-tec Search Engine
Bal-tec Home Page
Base Kinematic Platform
Balwands (summary)
Basic Kinematic Designs
Basic Magnetically-Mounted Authenticator AUT-2000
Bearing Balls
Bearing Steel Balls
Big Balls, Grinding, Technical Data
Big Balls Inventory
Big One
Big One, Riser
Black Oxide Balls
Block, 2" By 2" Mounting
Bluing Master
Brass Balls
Brass Balls
Build CMM Pretzel with Off the Shelf Parts
C/S Balls
Calculate the Area of a Sphere
Calibrate Machine Tools
Calibrate Machinery, Ball Bar
Calibration Ball, Choosing
Calibration Balls
Calibration of Ball Bar Length
Calibration of Ball Bar (Triple Cross)
Calibration Service
Calibration Spheres, Precise and Ultra Precise
Caliper Calibration
Camber Effect
Canoe Sphere
Canoe Sphere, Custom
Canoe Sphere, Miniature
Cantilever Ball Bar
Cantilever Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Cantilever Designed Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Carpenter 20 Balls
Carbide Balls
Carbon Balls
Carbon Fiber Ball Bar
Cast Iron Lapping Plate
Castings, Trivet
Catalog 105-B
Cathedral Arch
Centerline Ball Bar Ranger
Centerline Ranger
Ceramic Balls
Characterization Ball (Sphere)
Charged Balls, Diamond
Checking Balls
Chrome Steel Balls
Chrome Steel Balls
Circumference of a Sphere
Clamp Arm, Close
Clamping Tip
Clamp for Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Clay Clamping Devices
Clay Pots
Close Clamp Arm
CMM Calibration Ball
CMM Calibration Equipment Directory
CMM Calibration Spheres
CMM Calibration Video and Poster
CMM Evaluation Artifacts
CMM Evaluation Primer
CMM Evaluation with Kinematic Platform
CMM Fixturing
CMM Probe Calibration Sphere
CMM Product Prices
CMM Products Usage Video (220 MB, .MP4)  
CMM Table Tie Down Adaptor Screws
CMM's Can Be Calibrated and Fixtured with Ease
CMM, How The Ball Bar Checks the Squareness of a
CMM Vise
Collar for Ball Bar
Collar for Heavy Duty Stand, Mammoth Stand, Anchor Stand
Collar for Long Gage Block Clamp
Common Ball Materials
Company News
Company Profile
Complete High-precision Jack
Compliant Mechanisms
Complete Ball as a Kinematic Component
Complete Cylinder
Complex CMM Probes Characterized with Mini Ball Bar
Composite Ball Bar (Dumbbell), Carbon Fiber
Cones, Male
Cones, Male and Female
Constraint and Elasticity in Kinematics
Contacting Us
Copper Balls
Copper Sulfate Test on Stainless Steel Balls
Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration Equipment Directory
Corner Cube Spheres
Counter Bored Adaptor, 1/2 inch
Counterweight Ball
Cubes to Balls
Custom Made Canoe Spheres
Custom Made Kinematic Parts, Pictures
Custom Made Precision Rollers
Custom Precision Balls
Custom Priced Inventory
Cryogenic Effect on Kinematic Systems
Cylinder with a Flat
Cylinder with a Flat, Recess
Cylinder with a Flat, Recess, and Counterbored Holes
Cylinder with a Flat, Recess, and Threaded Holes
Cylinder, Truncated
Cylinder, Truncated, Recessed
Cylinder, Truncated, Recessed, Counterbored Holes
Cylinder, Truncated, Recessed, Threaded Holes
Cylinder with Two Concentric Blind Holes
Cylinderized Gage Balls
Cylindrical Boss Mounted Vee Block, For 5/8" (0.625", 15.875 mm) through 1.0"(25.4 mm) Balls
Cylindrical Lapping
Delrin / Acetal Balls
Density, Ball
Depth Micrometer Calibration
Device Positioner (PAL-1)
Device Positioner, Threaded (PAL-2)
Device Positioner, Long
Diameter of a Sphere
Diamond Charged Balls
Diamond Charged Lap Ball / Seat Lapping Tool
Diamond Charged Lapping Tools
Diamond Charged Seat Lapping Tool
Diamond-Charging Roller
Diamond Embedded Ball on Stem
Diamond Kinematic Spheres
Diamond Impregnated Lapping Balls
Diamond Machine Spindle Evaluation
Disc with a Large Spherical Surface
Double Adjustable Screw Stop Post
Double Ball Bar Clamp
Drilled and Threaded Kinematic Balls
Drilled Through Balls
Drilled Balls
Drop Test Balls
Dual Ball Bar Clamp
Dual Ball Bar Kit
Dual Clamp for Ball Bar
Dual Functioning Ball Plug Gage
Dual Threaded Adaptor Screws
Dumbbells (all)
Dural Balls
E.D.M. (Electro Discharge Machining)
Elasticity as the 7th Degree of Freedom
EG 3000, Epoxy Glue
Epoxy Glue #EG 3000
Evaluating CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Machines
Evaluating Large Coordinate Measuring Machines and Laser Trackers with a Giant Invar™ Ball Bar
Evaluation of CMM Using Ultra-Precise Ball Bars
Extension Nuts
Extensions for Probe Characterization and CNC Target Spheres (aka: Risers, Posts)
Extra Long Collar For 3-Inch Posts
Extreme Load Carrying Radiuses Surface
Fail Safe Kinematic Coupling
Fast CMM Evaluation Using Corner Diagonals
Female and Male Cones
Ferrous Balls
Finger Knob for Clamping Screws
Fixture Balls
Fixture Building System
Fixturing Components
“Flabby”, A Kinematic Reality
Flange Mounted Authenticator, AUT-4000
Flat, The Giant, Two Inch Diameter
Flat Handle Ball Gage
Flat, Kinematic Component, Plain
Flat Lapping Plate
Flat Parallel Lapping Tools
Flat Prismatic Components for Kinematics
Flatted Ball, (see Truncated Ball)
Flatness Testing by A Simple Accurate Method
Flaw Evaluation Ball (Ball Pencil, Ball Scribe)
Flaw Evaluation with Small Spherical Probes
Flaw Validation Block
Flexible Ball Gages
Flexural Springs
Flexural Encyclopedia
Four Place Turret System
Free Standing Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Kit
Free Standing Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Kit Evaluates Coordinate Measuring Machines to ANSI/ASME B 89.1.12M 1990 Specifications
Full Ball with Counterbored Hole
Gage Anvil
Gage Balls
Gage Block, 4"
Gage Block Clamp for Long Blocks
Gage Block Clamp, The
Gage Block Wringing
Gage Tips
Gap Gage
Gauge Balls
The Guarded Calibration Ball
Gear Artifact, Involute Gear Measuring
Geostep, 3400-10
Geostep, a New Concept
Get A Quote
Giant Ball Bar Like Calibration Device
Giant Balls
Giant Calibration Device For Giant CMM's
Giant Invar™ Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Giant Laser Tracker Evaluation Device
Giant Metrology Tripods
Giant Size Cylindrical Post Mounted Kinematic Vee Block
Giant Split Vee Block
Giant Spherical Components
Giant Surface Mounted Kinematic Vee Block, for 1.5" (38.1 mm) Balls through 2.0" (50. 8 mm) Balls
Giant Two Inch Diameter Flat
Gigantic Load Supporting Kinematic Structures
Gigantic Radius Surface Disc
Giant Spherical Disk
Glue, epoxy
Gleason Research Library
Glossary, at Cutting Tool Engineering Magazine
The Gono™ Ball Plug Gage is much more than a cute idea
Grade 2.5 Balls
Grade 3 Balls
Grade 5 Balls
Grade 10 Balls
Grade 15 Balls
Grade 24 Balls
Grade 25 Balls
Grade 48 Balls
Grade 50 Balls
Grade 100 Balls
Grade 200 Balls
Grade Chart
Gravity and Kinematics
Gray Cast Iron Lapping Plate
Guiding Kinematic Couplings
Half Inch Counter Bored Adaptor
Handle Those Gage Blocks with Care
Hard Carbon Steel Balls
Hard Stainless Steel Balls
Hard Steel Gage Anvil
Hard Steel Gage Anvil
Hardened Balls Machined by Space Age EDM Technology
Hardness Effects of Specimen Preparation, The
Hardness Indent, The
Hardness Indenter Evaluation
Hardness Scale Conversions
Hardness Test Problem, A
Hardness Testing Balls
Hardness Testing Small Diameter Balls
Hardness Test Issues
Hastelloy® Balls
Heidenhain Measuring Gages at Bal-tec
Heavy Duty Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Stand
Heavy Load Kinematic Coupling, Canoe Sphere
Heel Cup
Hemisphere Artifact
Heavy Load Spherical Component
Hevimet Balls
Hex Balls (Kinematic)
High Density Balls
High Grade Balls
High Load Carrying Spherical Components
High Load Kinematic Coupling, Canoe Sphere
High-Precision Jacks
High Quality Balls
High Speed Steel Balls
Highly Polished Balls
Holder for Long Gage Blocks
Holding the Ball Bar
Hole Drilled Through Ball
Home Page
Hollow Balls
Hollow Balls, Modified, Picture
How Balls Are Made
How Do We Actually Manufacture Balls at the Nanometer Quality Level?
How Kinematic Couples Can Be Used in Metrology
How Precision Balls Are Made
How The Ball Bar Checks the Squareness of a CMM
How to Choose the Best Probe Calibration Sphere for Your Application
How to Choose the Right Ball Bar (Dumbbell) for your Application
Huge Radius Surface Disc
Huge Spherical Kinematic Components
Huge Spherical Disk
Inconel™ Balls
Inconel™ Ball Stock
Indexing Trivet Picture
The Indicator Arm
Indicator Ball Tips
Information on Ordering Balls and Rollers
Interim Check for CMM Machines
Inspection and Certification
Inspection Ball Kits
Instrument Grade Balls
Introduction to Kinematics and Applications
Invar ® Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Inventory, Ball
Involute Gear Artifact
Involute Curve, Gear Measuring
Jacks, High-Precision
Jam Nut, Knurled
K Monel Balls
Kalisphere Used for CMM Probe Calibration
Kelvin Clamp
Keyed Washer
Kinematic Balls, All
All Kinematic Platforms
Kinematic Ball with a Concentric Blind Hole
Kinematic Ball, Drilled and Threaded
Kinematic Ball, Full with a Counterbored Hole
Kinematic Ball, Truncated
Kinematic Canoe Sphere
Kinematic Catalog 105B
Kinematic Clamp
Kinematic Components, Catalog 105B
Kinematic Components Directory
Kinematic Components for Micro Inch Positioning
Kinematic Components Graphical Summary Page
Kinematic Components Price List
Kinematic Components Update 2002
Kinematic Connection
Kinematic Cook Book
Kinematic Coupling Design For Identical Z Axis Repeatability
Kinematic Couplings, Magnetically Preloaded
Kinematic Coupling Update
Kinematic Couplings and the Parameters that Affect Their Design
Kinematic Cylinders, Complete
Kinematic Cylinders, Truncated
Kinematic Cylinders, Truncated and Recessed
Kinematic Cylinders, Truncated and Threaded
Kinematic Cylinders, Truncated with Counterbored Holes
Kinematic Cylindrical Post Mount for 5/8" to 1"
Kinematic Encyclopedia
Kinematic Flats
Kinematic Hex Balls
Kinematic Hinge
Kinematics, Constraint and Elasticity Issues
Kinematic Joint
Kinematic Platform, All
Kinematic Platform, Base
Kinematic Platform, Top
Kinematic Platform, 12"-16" Pre-assembled
Kinematic Quarter Round
Kinematic Rose Bud Coupling
Kinematic Stability
Kinematic Surface Mount Vee Block for 5/8" to 1"
Kinematic Tetrahedron
Kinematic Threaded Ball, Catalog Page
Kinematic Threaded Cylinder
Kinematic V Block
Kinematic Vee Block
Kinematic Vee Block, Cylindrical Boss Mounted
Kinematic Vee Block, Split
Kinematic Vee Block, Teeny Tiny
Knuckle, The
Knurled Jam Nut
Ladder Logic, An Introduction
Lapping Balls
Lapping Plate, 8"
Lapping Cylinders
Large Ball Gage
Large Diameter and Really Big Balls
Large Diameter Balls, Grinding, Technical Data
Large Kinematic Structures
Large Load Carrying Disk
Large Magnetic Platform
Large Scale Calibration, (Centerline Ranger)
Large Spherical Disk
Large Radius Surface Disc
Laser Scale Bar, (Centerline Ranger)
Laser Scanner Calibration Balls
Laser Tracker Calibration
Laser Tracker, Calibration, Centerline
Laser Tracker Calibration Device
Laser Tracker, Calibration, Giant Ball Bar
Laser Tracker, Carbon Fiber Ball Bar
Laser Scanning Master Sphere Set
Length Calibrated Ball Bars
Length Calibration of a Ball Bar
Length Calibration of a Ball Bar (Triple Cross)
Length Standard Ball Bar Used to Calibrate Machinery
Library, Gleason Research
Light Intensity Balls
Lightweight Balls
Location and Clamping System
Loosy Kinematic Couplings
Long Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Bend
Long Finger Knob
Long Gage Block Clamp
Lotus Wrench
Low-Carbon Balls
Low-Noise Balls
Low-Vibration Balls
Low-Weight Balls
Lucite Balls / Acrylic Balls / Plexiglas® Balls
M10 Balls
M50 Balls
Machine Tool Alignment
Machine Tool Calibration
Machine Tool Axis Alignment
Machine Tool Monument
Machine Tool Probe Calibration Spheres
Machinery Updates
Magnetic Balls
Magnetic Base Probe Calibration Sphere Kit
Magnetically Mounted Authenticator
Magnetically Preloaded Kinematic Couplings
Male and Female Cones
Male Cones
Making a Custom Machined 12" Diameter Ball
Mammoth, A Super Heavy Duty Gage Stand
Marker Bead, Tantalum
Master Ball
Master Ball with a Shield
Material Selection
Materials and Sizes Used to Make Balls
Measuring Absolute Ball Diameter Commercially
Measuring Internal Spherical Diameters
Measuring Internal Threads with Balls
Measuring Small Diameter Balls
Measuring Sphericity
Measuring Surface Roughness
Measuring the Absolute Diameter of Plastic Balls
Measuring Waviness
Mechanical Clamping of Kinematic Couplings
Medically Oriented Ball Products, Producing
Metal Ball Materials
Metal Optical Flat
Micrometer Evaluation
Micrometer Lapping Plate
Micrometer Reconditioning Tools
Microscope Profilometer Calibration Spheres
Micro Inch Positioning with Kinematic Components
Mid Size Vee Block, Cylindrical Post Mounted
Mid Size Vee Block, Surface Mounted
Military Specifications (Mil-Spec)
Millimeter Balls
Mild Steel Balls
Miniature Balls
Miniature Canoe Sphere, The
Mini Authenticator
Mini Ball Bar
Mirror Ball
Mobile Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration
Modified Balls
Modified Kinematic Parts
Modified Precision Balls
Monday Morning, Interim Check for CMM Machines
Monel Balls
Monster Canoe Sphere
Monolithic Trihedral
Monument Sphere
Monuments for Probe Calibration
Most Common Ball Materials
Mounting Ultra-Precision Spheres for Calibration and Inspection Applications
Motion Picture Spherical Mirror
MP35N Balls
MRI Test Sphere
Nano Quality Balls
Nanometer Level Dimensional Metrology
Nanometer Quality Level Ball Manufacturing
News, Bal-tec Company
Non-Ferrous Balls
Non-Magnetic Balls
Non-Kinematic Couplings
Non-Reflective Balls
Novel Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Stand for Quicker CMM Evaluation
Nylon Balls
Optical Comparator Calibration, Kalisphere
Optical Flat Gage Anvil
Optical Flat Made of Metal
Optical Probe Calibration Balls
Optical Prilometry Calibration Sphere
Optical Scanning Master Sphere Set
Optical Straight Edge
Optical Table Mounted Balls
Over-Constraint of Kinematics
Over the Top
Pallets or Platform Castings, Raw Aluminum
Para-check gages
Parallel checking Ball Gage
Part Clamping Devices (Clay Pots)
Part Holding Devices (Clay Pots)
Part Holding System
Pencil Ball Gage
Phenol Balls
Phenol Formaldehyde Balls (Bakelite)
Photo Ball
Photo Picture Gallery
Photo Reflective Ball
Photos from Trade Show
Photogrammetry Balls
Plain Flat Kinematic Component
Plastic Balls
Platform, 4" Magnetic
Platform, 4" Universal
Plexiglas® Balls / Lucite Balls / Acrylic Balls
Polished Balls
Polycarbonate Balls / Plexiglas® Balls / Lucite Balls / Acrylic Balls
Polyethylene Balls
Polypropylene Balls
Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine Calibration
Portable Arm Calibration Device
Portable Arm CMM Calibration (Centerline Ranger)
Portable Arm CMM Calibration (Centerline Ranger)
Portable Arm CMM Calibrator
Portable Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines Calibration
Positioner, Device (PAL-1)
Post Extension for Probe Characterization and CNC Target Spheres (aka: Risers)
Pre-Assembled Kinematic Platform
Precise and Ultra-Precise Calibration Spheres for CMM's and Master Balls
Precise and Ultra-Precise Calibration Spheres for CMM's
Precision Balls
Precision Ball Plug Gages
President's Corner
Pretzel, Build CMM with Off the Shelf Parts
Prismatic Components for Kinematics, Flat
Probe Balls
Probe Calibration Balls
Probe Calibration Sphere
Probe Calibration Sphere for Machine Tools
Probe Characterization Balls
Probe Characterization Spheres
Producing Medically Oriented Ball Products
Profile, Bal-tec Company
Profilometer Calibration Spheres
Prussian Blue
Pseudo Kinematics
Pseudo Kinematic Couplings
Quadra Sphere
Quality Expo Video, 2011
The Quality of Tantalum Marker Beads
Quarter Round
Quick Grip Stand
Quote, Get a Quote
Radiation Hardened Kinematic Systems
Radiographic Bead or Ball
Radius of a Sphere
Raw Aluminum Pallets or Platform Castings
Raw Aluminum Riser Block Casting
Raw Aluminum Trivet Castings
Recent Developments in Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Technology
Replacement 45° Probe Calibration Sphere
Replacement Probe Calibration Sphere
Report On Ball Sizing
Research Library, Gleason
Reversible Roundness Machine Calibration Sphere
René 41 Balls
Riser Blocks
Riser Block Casting, Raw Aluminum
Riser extensions for CMM Probe Characterization Sphere, 3" and 6", (aka: Posts)
Rollers, Custom Made
Rose Bud Kinematic Coupling
Round Ball
Round Gage Anvil
Round Extensions for Bar Hold Down Clamps
Roundness Calibration Ball
Roundness Machine Master Calibration Spheres AUT-MS.5
Roundness Measurement of Our Gage Balls, Making the
Roundness Standard Ball
Rubber Balls
Rugged Stand for Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Evaluation of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Runt, The; Shorter Probe Calibration Sphere
Sapphire Oil, Lubricant for Ball Sizing
Satin Finished Balls, for Optical Calibration
Satin Finish Titanium Ball with a Magnet
Satin Finished Straight Edge
Scale Bar, also known as Ball Bar and Dumbbell
Scratch Evaluation Ball
Scratch Probe
Screw Down Mounted Balls
Screws for Adaptor Hold Down on CMM
Screw Stop Post, Double Adjustable
Screw Stop Post, Short Adjustable
Search Engine
Seat Lapping Tool
Secrets of Ball Bar Calibration
Seventh Degree of Freedom, The
The Seventh Degree of Freedom, Or It’s Just Another Way of Looking at Things.
Serious Kinematic Coupling
Shadow Graph Calibration, Kalisphere
Shaft-Mounted Authenticator, AUT-1000
The Shielded Calibration Spheres
The Shielded Probe Spheres
Shopping Cart
Short Adaptor Screws
Short Adjustable Screw Stop Post
Short Ball Bars
Shoulder Bolt
Silicon Nitride Balls
Simplified CMM Evaluation
Single Element Go No Go Ball Gages
Sizes and Materials used by Bal-tec to Manufacture Balls
Sizing Ball Oil
Sizing Balls
Slim Calibration Sphere
Slotted Balls
SMR, Spherically Mounted Reflector
Small Balls
Small Ball Bars
Small Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Clamp
Small Hole Drilling of Balls
Small Star Probe Calibration
Small Tree Probe Calibration
Snake Ball, Go/ No Go Gage for Tubes
Snake Ball, Very Small
Sphere for Machine Tool
Sphere Monument
Spherical Location Device
Split Kinematic Vee Block, Use of
Split Vee Block
Soft Carbon Steel Balls
Soft Stainless Steel Balls
Software Errors in CMM Evaluation
Special Products
Special Reports and Technical Papers
Sphere for Axis Alignment
Sphere Mathematics
Spherical Area
Spherical Disk
Spherical Gage Tips
Spherical Indicator Tips
Spherical Puck
Sphericity, Measuring
Spindle Authenticators
Spindle Evaluation
Split Kinematic Vee Block without Abbé Offset Problems
Stainless Steel Balls, Type 440C Hardened
Stainless Steel Type 302
Stainless Steel Type 316
Stand, Ball Bar
Stand Clamps
Stand Collar
Stand Mounting Hardware
Stand Tie Down
Standard Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Standard Ball Bar (Dumbbell) for Evaluation of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Standard Ball Bar (Dumbbell) for Evaluation of Coordinate Measuring Machines per ANSI / ASME B89.4.1-1997
Standard Ball Bar for Evaluation of Coordinate Measuring Machines
Standard Commercial Balls
Standard Commercial Balls, Directory of Products
Standard Dumbbell
Standard Extensions
Standard Extensions for Probe Characterization and CNC Target Spheres
Standard Length Ball Bars (Dumbbells) Available From Stock
Standardized Instrument Components
Standardized Kinematic Components
Standardized Tooling Components
Star Probe Calibration Artifact
Steel Ball
Steel Balls
Stem, Ball on
Stellite® Balls
Stick Lapping
Stiffening Plates, (see Flexures)
Sub Miniature Balls
Super Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Thing
Support for Long Ball Bars
Swing Test Balls
Talyrond Inspection Center
Tantalum Balls / Beads
Tantalum Cylinders
Tantalum Marker Bead Micro Hardness Testing
Tantalum Marker Beads, the Quality of
Tantalum Pucks
Tantalum Slugs
Technical Papers Directory
Teeny Tiny Vee Block - Cylindrical Post Mounted
PTFE Balls
Terms and Conditions
Test Ball
Tethered Kinematic Platforms
Tetrahedron, Kinematic
The Big One
The Geostep 3400™ For Full CMM Calibration
The Hammer
The Kinematic Quarter Round
The Triple Cross Tells All
The Two Ball Kinematic Coupling
Thread Gage Ball
Threaded Ball
Threaded Ball, Catalog Page
Threaded Cylinder
Threaded Device Positioner (PAL-2)
Threaded Mounted Balls
Three Ball Kinematic Platform
Three Dimensional Ball Plate
Through Drilled Balls
Tie Down Kit
Time-Saving Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Fixture (3B-KM)
Tiny Ball Sphericity Measurement
Titanium Balls
Titanium Balls, Stock
Titanium Finished Straight Edge
Titanium Flange Mounted Authenticator AU4000-TIT
Titanium Non-Reflective Balls
Titanium Straight Edge
Tolerances, Ball
Tool Steel, 02
Tool Steel, 06
Tooling Ball, Stainless Steel
Top Kinematic Platform
Tree Probe
Trihedral, Monolithic
Trihedron, Kinematic
Tri-mount, Collar for Ball Bar
Trivet, 14" Indexing
Trivet, 14"
Trivet, a 14 Inch Tripod
Truncated and Recessed Ball
Truncated and Recessed Cylinder
Truncated and Threaded Ball
Truncated and Threaded Cylinder
Truncated Ball
Truncated Ball with Blind Hole
Truncated Ball with Counterbored Hole
Truncated Balls with a Flat
Truncated Cylinder
Truncated Cylinder with Blind Holes
Truncated Cylinder with Counterbored Holes
Tungsten Balls
Tungsten Carbide
Tungsten Carbide Balls, qualities of
Tungsten Carbide Balls
Two Ball Kinematic Coupling for Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Evaluation of CMM
Typical Kinematic Application
Ultra Precise Ball Bar (Dumbbell)
Ultra-Precise Calibration Spheres for CMM's
Ultra Precise Balls
Uniquity of the Precision Ball Manufacturing Process, The
Universal 4" Platform
Universal Tee-Nut
Up Side Down Flexure
Use of the Split Kinematic Vee Block
Using Gage Blocks
Using the Probe Characterization or Calibration Sphere
V Block, All
Vacuum Hold Down Plate / Chuck, Abalone
Valve Balls
Variable Length Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Kit
VDI/VDE 260, Vision System Calibration with Ball Bars
Vee Block, All
Vee Block, Aluminum Casting
Vee Block Design and Mounting Techniques for Kinematic Applications
Vee Block, Giant Surface Mounted Kinematic
Vee Block, Large Size Cylindrical Post Mounted Kinematic, For 1 1/4", 1.25",(31.75 mm) through 2.0" (50.8 mm) Balls
Vee Block, Mid-Sized Cylindrical Post Mounted , For 5/16" (0.3125", 7.94 mm) through 1/2" (0.50", 12.7 mm) Balls
Vee Block, Mid-Sized Surface Mounted, For 5/16" (0.3125") (7.9 mm) through 1/2" (12.2 mm) Balls
Vee Block, Surface Mounted, For 5/8" (0.625" 15.875 mm) through 1" (25.4 mm) Balls
Vee Block, Teeny Tiny For 3/16" (0.1875", 4.76 mm) through 1/4" (0.25", 6.35 mm) Balls
Versatile Inspection Ball Kits
Very Large Canoe Sphere
Very Long Collar For 3-Inch Posts
Very Short Ball Bars (Dumbbells)
A Vise for CMM Use
Video, Ball Machine Operation
Video of CMM Calibration
Video Mirror for Wide Angle Photography
Vision System Calibration with Ball Bars
Volume of a Sphere
Waspaloy Balls
Way Out Ball Bar Support Rail
Way Out Ball Bar (Dumbbell) Support
What is a Sphere?
White Light Scanner Calibration Devices
White Light Scanning Master Sphere Set
Weldable Steel Balls
White Papers Directory
Wide Angle Spherical Mirror
Wobble Plate Adjustable Authenticator
Wringing Gage Blocks
X-Ray opaque ball
X-Ray opaque location ball
X-Ray marker ball
X Tolerance Ball
XX Tolerance Ball
X Tolerance Gage Ball
XX Tolerance Gage Ball
Z Axis Repeatability of Kinematic Couplings
Z Tolerance Ball
Zirconium-oxide Balls
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